Yemoja is the giver of life. She is the original mother and helped Obtala in forming humans. She is literally the primordial mother. She is worshiped both on the continent and in the diaspora. Associated with oceans and rivers, in particular the Ogun River. She is said to have never given birth to a child but has raised many. She is mother of many Orisa including Osun. Osun is said to love pregnancy and birth but not raising her children. She gives then to Yemoja to raise.

What is really special about Yemoja is that she has two expressions, the wealthy, dotting, protective mother and the fierce and powerful protector, Olukun. Ifa sees these two as one but in many diaspora beliefs they are separate beings. When Olukun is activated, the ocean/river becomes powerfully turbulent storms that overcome humans and all that lays in its path.

Yemoja/Olukun is a beautiful, wealthy Orisa that can be angered into destruction if

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