Osun is the Orisa of beauty and harmony. Her association with harmony is sensual and is that which we see as beauty, feel as love, and experience as ecstasy. She was originally the wife of Orunmila however his attempts to subjugate her sensuality resulted in her removing her divine energy, Ase, from the process of creating the world. Oludarme couldnt complete the world without her Ase and had to plead with her to return Ase to his creations. Before returning Ase to the world she had a son, Esu. Esu is known as the transmitter of Ase. Osun left Orunmila for Sango. In marrying Sango she began a rivalry with Oya for the affections of Sango.

She is the Orisa of the River Osun and the Oshogbo people. Osun’s energy encapsulates bearing children and is known as Iyalode, the chief of the market. She is also known as Laketi, she who has ears, because of how quickly and effectively she answers prayers. Her color is gold and copper bracelets are worn by her children.

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