Orumilla witnessed Oludumare (God) create. He is therefore also a witness to fate and knows all future events.

Orunmila lived on Earth for many years but grew tired of humans and their behaviors and left. His absence on Earth wreaked havoc and catastrophe ensued. Humans were left with the knowledge of the future and could not choose the right course without Orunmila. After some time of watching human flail, he returned. His followers prospered but those who did not continue to disappoint Him. He left again but this time he gave humans Ifa becoming the first Babalawo. Orunmilla is considered wise and is always consulted via a Babalawo in any major undertaking. His name is actually Ela also called Elasoode (Ela ties Ide on), while in heaven assisting.

In the new world, he is known as Orula

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