Hippolyta Lovecraft Country Episode 7

I am just in awe of the storytelling in Lovecraft Country. All the episodes have been beautiful, engaging, and thought-provoking. The majesty in which I was carried through the storyline of Hippolyta Freeman, mother to Diana and widowed by George Freeman, however, was beyond any expectation. It was serious in its dealings with White Supremacy. It underscored how in every Black American’s life, White Supremacy steals the show and centers itself. However, when we are literally teleported to a different time and space without white people Hippolyta is centered and steals the show. She finds herself and creates the worlds in which she really wants and needs to participate. And here is when the tone changes. Life becomes light and free and beautiful. She finds her tribe. She manifests. She takes up space.

The episode resonated with me on a cellular level because Hippolyta is me. I am a mother, a widow, Black, curious, intelligent, and beautiful. Hippolyta and I have so much in common. She reminds me to dream bigger than I ever thought possible. To remove limits, to manifest, to take up space, and be amazed at what I can achieve.

I really enjoyed this entire series. I recommend binging.

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